What’s been happening?

DEAD – due for release 2020

DEAD in field
Hanging out in a field with ghouls and a stoner

In 2018, I directed my second feature film, DEAD.

It’s about a stoner who can see ghosts helping a dead cop solve a murder case.

We made it with $41k independent investment, and it starts incredible comedian Thomas Sainsbury, New Zealander of the Year 2020 Jennifer Ward-Lealand, and is shot by the stunning Tammy Williams.

It is due for release later this year.

DEEP – my first play

Set 4,468 feet deep in the Pacific Ocean, DEEP is an R16 adventure with puppets.

As of the 25th February, 2020, I have now written a play that has been performed.

DEEP is about Rebekah Poleman, an marine archaeologist who becomes untethered from her submarine during an expedition to find hopes of life after the Great Rise. Stranded with less than an hour’s oxygen remaining, Rebekah must navigate through a sleazy viperfish, an overly optimistic blobfish, an orgasmic cloud of bio-luminescent bacteria, a sassy trio of anglerfish, and a terrifying giant squid.

It premiered as part of Auckland’s FRINGE festival at the prestigious Q theatre.

Starring Natasha Bunkall as Rebekah Poleman and puppeteers Cole Jenkins, Jen Huang, Edwin Beats and Laura Trundle, DEEP’s development season was directed by Ryan Dulieu and co-presented by Proudly Asian Theatre.

Chronesthesia/Love and Time Travel (2016)

Chronesthesia beach Love and Time Travel Hayden J. Weal Michelle Ny
When emotionally isolated barista Dan Duncombe starts receiving strange messages on the inside of his bedroom window, he is forced to become involved with the lives of the people around him – and he soon discovers a web of relationships that unites them all. By helping them connect with each other, he comes to understand how connected he is with each of them.

Chronesthesia (or Love and Time Travel in the U.S.) is Hayden’s first feature film, shot over weekends with Simeon Duncombe and edited on FCPX on a laptop while traveling Europe. It’s micro-budget feature filmmaking at its best, a smart story which has connected with audiences around the world.

Watch Chronesthesia/Love and Time Travel on Amazon Prime now!

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