NZIFF selected Chronesthesia premiere

Big Announcement – Chrono has a Premiere!



Big news dropped today. Chronesthesia has a premiere. It’s playing for the first time in the world in the city is was shot in – Wellington, New Zealand.


We are stoked to be screening on the big screen, obviously, and Wellington at the NZIFF (New Zealand International Film Festival) has always been our number one dream. Lots of celebrating going on right now.


I went down to Wellington for the final screening with the team. We made sure everything was in order for the premiere, every frame in its rightful place and every note of score, sound effect and piece of dialogue hitting the mark. And it was great. It was the first time the whole team was all together in the same room. Amazing.


Conor Cameron at computer scoring film

Composer Conor Cameron finishing the Chronesthesia score – rocking the all nighter!


The Final Slog



The week before final sign off, I sat with Chronesthesia’ Conor Cameron and watched him pull an epic all nighter to finish the score. The premiere will be in 5.1 surround sound so Conor worked really hard making sure the score utilised all the power the speakers would have. That sub woofer’s going to be working overtime.




Beautiful Wellington sunrise for the completion of the Chronesthesia score!


I walked from Conor’s house to Underground Sound in the city to spend the day mixing the score in with Phil Burton, the absolute legend behind Chrono’s huge sound design.


We’re working at such a breakneck speed that as soon as the score was mixed in, it was time to get together and watch the film all the way through.



Once we’d finished watching it (a few beers down of course – you gotta do that to get a comfortable remove from the film), we made a list of tiny changes to do over the weekend before we submitted it to the censorship board of NZ. The censorship board had to give us a rating in order for us to premiere.


So we went straight from the mix to the ADR booth to record one last line, Simeon went home to scrub up the last visual effects changes and colour grade, and Conor went to tweak a violin harmonic sound on a particularly emotional scene.


Phil Burton Chronesthesia Underground Sound

Phil Burton doing finishing touches in Underground Sound’s cinema


So what’s the big news?



Oh sorry, I mustn’t have been clear.




Couldn’t be happier. The dates are:

29th July @ 9:30pm – Paramount cinema
31st July @ 3:30 – Light House Petone
3rd August @ 3:45pm – Paramount cinema


And I get to be there to introduce the film and hold a Q&A after. I love talking about the film and the process of making it so I’m really looking forward to shooting the shit about it. Please come along and ask some questions.



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