Scheduling a Feature Film Part 2

As you may have seen on Scheduling a Feature Film, there are approximately 140 scenes in our movie.

That’s a lot.

Now what?

Now we print the scene breakdowns out, cut them up into little pieces, highlight the scenes with special cast members, and organise them into locations. I blu tacked them onto my bedroom wall (with a lot of help from my phenomenal life mate Abby Damen) and it gives us a visual idea of the film’s pieces.

That's a lot of scenes...
That’s a lot of scenes…

For a little while there, I panicked. I gotta be honest, that is a LOT of scenes. The pink highlighter is for our leading lady, the blue for an older male character, a sort of father figure if you like, the green is Grant Roa’s character, and the yellow for an exciting cast member I’ll introduce you too later.

As we shoot the scenes, I plan to move the scenes down onto another sheet of paper, then once they’re in the can and uploaded and safely backed up, I’ll move the scenes to a lower piece of paper. It’ll work like one of those machines in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, seeing the ingredients flow down through a funnel and into a delicious re-organized pile on the ground ready to eat.

25 scenes already shot!
25 scenes already shot!

As you can see, we can already shot 25 scenes. All starring only me. We plan to get all of the fiddly little scenes out of the way before we focus on the emotional dialogue scenes with other cast members. That’ll mean we’re in the swing of things and can attack coverage and camera angles with confidence and momentum.

Ooh, apart from all this exciting scheduling and shooting, I’ve been doing some location scouting! But I’ll show you that later.

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