Shooting on Location at Castlepoint | Love and Time Travel

Castlepoint! Finally!

Something I was looking forward to throughout the whole shoot was us going to Castlepoint. It’s a fun sequence for the characters and I’ve been wanting to film something at Castlepoint for years now. It’s a gorgeous place and there’s something mystical about it. With a long flat beach extending out to a massive peak called Castle Rock, a lagoon with smashing frothing waves, and New Zealand’s second oldest lighthouse standing at the end of a treacherous rocky walk, it feels like another world.

But first, let’s do a recap of the last couple of weeks shooting.


Check out us filming with a yoga class, Colleen Cleary as Eve, and us amongst 20,000+ people at Cuba Dupa, the Wellington city festival.

Cool huh? I thought so.

Last weekend we shot with Cohen Holloway, a Wellington based actor well known for his constant shenanigans and wicked wit. As well as being hilarious (remember him as the embarrassed computer nerd checking out porn in Eagle vs. Shark and Shogun’s friend in Boy), Cohen blew people outta the water with his performance in Until Proven Innocent. He’s one of those names that when people ask who’s in the film and I say ‘Cohen Holloway’, they say ‘Really? Wow…’


Here’s Cohen and us after shooting a long, emotionally and physically draining scene with lots of improv and some grappling on a wooden floor. Wait for the film to see more. Special thanks to Ike Hamon, stunt co-ordinator, for his expertise.

Cohen Holloway HJW
We didn’t take any other photos, our minds were on task all day

We had our final day with Nick Blake as Richard. Scored some great weather as we walked through the beautiful town belt over Mt. Victoria and rocked three pages of dialogue. An absolute pro and gentlemen, Nick will probably be in everything I ever make.

Nick Blake Hayden J. Weal
Nick, Abby and Simeon hanging in the mild sun

Castlepoint time!

Here are some photos and a video about the trip. We shot twelve scenes and ten pages in two days. Special thanks to Abby Damen, Amber Varde and Orion Holder-Monk for preparing food, baking pies, cleaning up after us, and the amazing support and company.

Here’s the whole trip in a three minute video.

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Here’s Michelle standing at the view of our cute batch we stayed in

Michelle Ny, Castlepoint
Moody clouds like that make for great footage

Here’s Simeon in 100km winds by the second oldest lighthouse in New Zealand.

Simeon Duncombe HJW
The camera is steady, though. Rock solid arms.

Later, Simeon roughed up for his cameo as Fisherman.

Simeon Duncombe Fisherman
It’s hard to make somebody who spends time taking care of himself look rough, but the ladies managed it

And here are some wonderful photos Michelle Ny took that capture the feeling of the place. Beautiful place. Go check it out.

Taking refuge from the wind behind the rocks
HJW taking in the atmosphere
Wandering for a shot
Wandering for a shot

After the trip, I felt that same kind of loss you feel after finishing binge-watching a season of your favourite show. Which I think is a mark of a good time had. The footage looks fantastic and I’m excited about editing it.

Thanks to all involved. Now we have eight scenes remaining. EIGHT SCENES OUT OF ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN. That’s something to be proud of. Let’s finish this film!