Chronesthesia Premiere!


It’s been a long road and a lot of work. Chronesthesia played to a sold out cinema audience as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival on Friday 29th July 2016. The positive response and reviews we’ve been receiving have made every single minute of hard work on the film worth it.

[Chronesthesia] is fantastically presented with a multitude of frankly spectacular match-cut sequences, the tension they create heightened even further by an excellent soundtrack. The writing is superb, with a lot of good humour, well-done interconnecting storylines, and a bunch of really clever recurring motifs that blew my mind – Fish and Swallow review

Having the film premiere in Wellington, the city in which it’s filmed, was a special honour. Myself, Simeon, Kelly and Steve were all in attendance, as well as Phil Burton and Conor Cameron, the geniuses behind the sound and music respectively. A large amount of the cast were there also, including New Zealand’s current star Julian Dennison.

Julian Dennison Chronesthesia
Julian Dennison posted a pic of him at the Chronesthesia prem with the hashtag #thebestfilmever – a big call

Chronesthesia is a thoroughly enjoyable movie and a big success for not only New Zealand cinema at large but also local independent filmmaking.

Special thanks go to Paramount cinema for hosting us. We packed out the lobby beforehand and staff members stayed working for an extra three hours so we could all hang out partying afterward.

Hayden Weal Michelle Ny Chronesthesia Premiere
Michelle Ny (Sophia) and Hayden J. Weal (Dan) at the Chronesthesia premiere

In the day leading up to the premiere, I didn’t feel nervous at all. It was a strange feeling knowing a bunch of family and friends and strangers would be watching 90 minutes of me on screen, in a story I’d written, directed, edited and produced with a small amount of crew. Simeon wasn’t nervous either, just excited. I don’t know whether this is because we were confident about how it was going to play or being overwhelmed with the event itself.

I couldn’t fault this movie. For a film created with no budget, it blew my socks off! Can’t wait to see what these guys do next.

Simeon Duncombe, Hayden J. Weal
Director of Photography Simeon Duncombe and director Hayden J. Weal (photo courtesy of The Residents)

The next day, me and Simeon had interviews lined up. The press tour! I love it, I could talk about myself and our work for hours, so I was in heaven. The Residents did an especially in-depth interview with us about our background. I kept checking twitter, keen to see what people thought. And they loved it!


The fantastic response after the premiere spurred me on. The team we’ve assembled has continued to grow throughout the making of Chronesthesia and I can’t wait to work with everybody again on future projects.

Also, I made a vlog about the premiere.

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