DEAD in post production

First of all, I should state that I am embarrassed about the length of time between my previous post and now…

Two and a half years!

Outrageous. I have no explanation and you know what? I don’t think there’s anybody that needs/wants an explanation, so I think it’s best if we all pull up our bootstraps, make a cup of coffee and continue doing what we were doing with no more thought to this lengthy stretch of slacking off updating this website.

Since I last checked in, we have made another feature film. It’s not completed, but it’s deep in post production right now.

The film is called DEAD and is a buddy murder mystery… with ghosts.

Co-written and starring Thomas Sainsbury of political satire fame, and myself, it was filmed in 2018 with a transforming crew of 10-20, helmed by director of photography Tammy Williams.

Where do things stand?

The edit has been locked. Kerri Roggio is our editor and she rocked a two month block working on only DEAD, then we finessed together for a few months. We did five test screenings with local film students and after the last one finished with roaring applause and laughter, felt confident locking the cut.

The sound design is currently underway at our favourite spot Underground Sound in Wellington. Phil Burton is heading his team for some more award-winning genius work. Phil and the Underground crew won Best Sound Design in 2016 for Love and Time Travel.

The VFX has been completed. Tim Hamilton and myself have toiled away on over 100 VFX shots. These are in the cut and have been signed off.

The score is being composed by three amazing composers.

Tom McLeod (who scored Hot Rob), Jimmy Urine (from New York electro punk bank Mindless Self Induldence) and William Philipson, Tom’s protege.

The music has been composer, recorded, mixed and completed by Tom Pierard. Pierard has rocked six original tracks for the film, eclectic different sounding music that fit the film like a well-worn glove.

The colour grade is underway at Images and Sound. Alana Cotton is our maestro behind the Baselight control deck and Tammy and I have spent many hours watching the pretty pictures on the big screen gain more and more beauty at her hands. We plan to be finalizing the picture this month (January).

When are we releasing?

That all depends.

We’re hoping to have a big juicy premiere at NZIFF this year, hopefully in Auckland with all the cast and crew and family and friends there. In terms of a cinema release, it seems like a losing battle to fight here in small Aotearoa, but never say never.

VOD and DVD release would be a treat, but we’re wanting the film to be seen internationally more than domestic, so will be concentrating our efforts out to the greater net of the world when we eventually do release.

Will I be updating the blog more often now?

I doubt it.

I mean, I wish, but I doubt it.