Directing Girls in Underwear

Wonderland Teaser

As I mentioned, I’ve been directing ladies in underwear. The last couple of days have included me watching a monitor, scrutinising performance, having to ignore said underwear.

While I’m balls deep in post production for my feature film (currently called Chronesthesia but that very may well change soon), I’ve taken a sidestep to concentrate on another project. It’s called Wonderland and it’s written and produced by Casey Whelan and Steve Barr. Casey and Steve have found major success in their recent feature film Born to Dance which has made over $1 million locally since its release a couple of weeks ago.

Casey Whelan, writer, producer, set builder, prop buyer, wardrobe co-ordinator, catering... I could go on
Casey Whelan, writer, producer, set builder, prop buyer, wardrobe co-ordinator, catering… I could go on

I don’t want to say too much about the actual show Wonderland as it’s still top secret, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun. The premise is about a young girl who decides to try on high class escorting as a means of making money, does incredibly well through it, and the various trials and tribulations that come with it.

In the leading role is Abby Damen, from Dick Off and Blind Date fame.

We did a three day shoot (one day on location and two days in a studio with built sets) with a very enthusiastic and generous cast and crew. Lots of laughs were had and while the tone of the teaser is very comedic, there is also some very sexy content involved. The ladies wore beautiful lingerie and wore it well. We had an actress spanking an actor for six minutes straight, and I am now the lucky holder of about half an hour’s worth of close up male orgasm faces. It’s horrific.

Wonderland, Brandon Te Moananui
Brandon Te Moananui, our director of photography, cameoing as ‘cumming man’.

It’s time to edit. I’m actually only writing this post because I’ve finished logging all the footage and I want to screen it for Casey before starting the official cut. She’s on her way from the studio now. I’d love to post some more pictures, but they have to go through clearance first.

I wish I could run through the whole crew and the reasons they’re amazing, as they worked hard and fast without complaint. I tip my hat to you all.