BTS: Draft Three is complete!

After meeting with a couple of really fantastic and enthusiastic readers, writers, producers and directors, I’ve attacked my third draft with a fervour unmatched by any writer to date.


There are big changes, subtle changes, and really big character changes. The leading antagonist, who is a sympathetic sufferer of a mental illness, has had a makeover and I’ve approached my first choice of who would play him. He’s a very busy and important actor who doesn’t work for free anymore but the least you can do is ask and hope the content speaks for itself and convinces him.


A cover page that says "Chronesthesia (working title) Written by Hayden J. Weal | Draft 3"

A cover page that says “Chronesthesia (working title) Written by Hayden J. Weal | Draft 3”


Excuse the crudity of the picture, my iPhone has been struggling of late. Also, see that Windows laptop? As of next week, taking its place is a MacBook Pro with 16gb RAM and a fast processor for video editing. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on one thing before, including plane tickets, but it’s gonna be worth it.


Things are coming into place. It’s early December and I plan to start shooting in January.


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