First Day Shooting!


It’s the fifth day of the year and why not start now? Me and Simeon met up yesterday for a big talk about scheduling and how we are going to manage the shoot. We thought we’d start with something small, something easy, and we decided we’d start on the shower scenes. That’s right – there are shower scenes in the film.

I arrived at Simeon’s and walked into the bathroom where the camera sat atop a tripod facing the open shower. I stripped off and we talked about the scene. As I stepped inside the shower, I could feel electricity in the air. This was it. We did a couple of rehearsals, then Simeon hit the little red button. Visual information sped through the lens, into the chip, and saved itself onto the memory card.

First shot. Shower scene. Oh yeah.

We used an amazing slating app that Simeon sourced and uses on his iPad mini. You key in the scene, slate and take number, then hold it up to the lens. Apparently, there’s a way you can sync the metadata directly into the clips when you import to Final Cut Pro X. Wild.

The shoot took just over an hour, and we got three scenes in the can. We’ll shoot more on Wednesday then do the import and that’s where things are gonna get really interesting. It’s imperative we have a clean and efficient post production workflow. Setting up the events, projects and keywords will be where the master plan comes together.

Three scenes out of 140 done. 3/8s of a page out of 95. As a percentage, we’ve shot .375% of the film.