Locking the edit of a feature film

It’s official – we’re locking the cut

Terrifying. Exciting. All of those great emotions are flitting and bouncing around in my warm fizzing heart. I shot a video today (it was raining – perfect activity to do stuck inside) about the process of locking the cut.

Basically we’ve cut the film into eight equal portions as better to work on. Critiquing a twelve minute sequence as opposed to a ninety minute film allows us to be a lot more discerning and meditative. It’s how I originally cut the film, splitting into twelve page segments. That way, I had a guideline for each reel. Each reel should edit to roughly twelve minutes, and if any reel went way over that, I knew the pacing was off seeing as each page should roughly translate to a minute of screen time.

This is the stage we’re at now. Signing off on the cuts. The colour grade, sound and music can’t really start until we’ve all agreed that the cuts are in the right place.