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Making Some Moves (VIDEO)

Wellington to Auckland


This month has brought with it a major change in my life. Moving away from Wellington. I’ve spent nine years living in New Zealand’s capital city, and I’ve loved it so much. It’s a creative place, filled with awesome cafes and progressive forward thinking, friendly people. The next stop will more than likely be Auckland… a subject that elicits differing reactions.


I’m currently staying in my hometown of Te Awamutu at my mum’s place, biding my time until the inevitable move to the biggest city in Aotearoa, Auckland. More people, more opportunities, more space. I’m excited about it. I made the trip up with all my possessions in a hire car that I scored free of charge. I made a video about it here.



Where exactly is Te Awamutu? It’s a rural town 20 mins south of Hamilton, smack bang in the centre of the North Island. It’s a cruisy drive to Raglan (where Raglan Roast is!), or Mount Maunganui, and only two hours from Auckland supercity. Where exactly am I sleeping?


Here, on the floor. In lieu of a mattress... temporary, I hope.

Here, on the floor. In lieu of a mattress… temporary, I hope.


Since being here, I’m shocked at how damn cool this place has become since I left. Did me moving to Wellington help improve Te Awamutu? There’s an amazing cafe on Walton Street in the township called Walton St. Cafe (I might have to do a post on it, actually), and we even have a Pita Pit now.


Another thing I took for granted when growing up here and have come to really appreciate is the sunsets!


This beauty isn't a one off - it's nightly

This beauty isn’t a one off – it’s nightly


Feature Film Progress

Simeon is due back from LA and Hawaii in a couple of days, and once we’ve allowed him the bare minimum relaxing time, I’m sure he’ll be itching to get back into the visual effects from the film. Right now the second cut is in the hands of some smart and creative people. Hopefully they like it enough to give me some guidance for the next few months of post production.


Wonderland Progress


I’m editing. Steve and Casey are aiming for a three minute long teaser, but good gosh it’s so difficult. For the best reason; there’s too much gold. Right now, the problem is length. I’ve got a couple of pages of notes from Steve and Casey and we’ll be getting a cut locked pretty soon.


Health Progress

Being around mum’s cooking and consideration is a blessing and curse. This morning I got home, hungover and tired, and she had bacon already frying in the pan.

To counter┬áthe potential weight gain, I’ve been running a bit, and climbed Mount Kakepuku!

Mount Kakepuku

Sweaty work


Killer view of the surrounding townships, and the hour long scale to the summit does a number on your heart rate. Highly recommended.


To concluded, 2015 has been an experiment in extremes. It’s been my favourite and least favourite year of life, and this transition from capital to supercity will be a fitting way to close it. I wanna get into vlogging more – subscribe to my YouTube channel for new videos.




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