Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 5/7

It’s time to do Kuala Lumpur!

With the 48hour film festival being completed, I leave Kuching and make my way to Kuala Lumpur to join the other NZers where we cease to ‘work’, instead spending our time traveling and enjoying Malaysia.

I have been notified, while I was enjoying a grande hazelnut latte from Starbucks (in Paddy’s honour – my father) with the lecturers, that my flight to KL has been postponed by an hour and a half. I have to check out of the hotel at noon and don’t need to be at the airport until 3p.m. so Aliff is gonna grab me and we’ll have lunch to wile the time away. I’m not feeling tired at all; I’m hitting that second or third or tenth wind.

Guilty expensive pleasure
Guilty expensive pleasure

One shower later and I’m ready to go! Saying a teary farewell to my room here and will miss Kuching. It feels like I hardly got to explore it at all! Mingled with my sadness is an excitement to rejoin the group in KL. I can’t wait to hear about their experiences with their 48hour teams. I wish we had a behind the scenes crew with us. Yusry is waiting for me downstairs so it’s time to go to the airport now!

Free food and luxury. I don't really fit in with my messy hair, stubble and sneakers
Free food and luxury. I don’t really fit in with my messy hair, stubble and sneakers

I have been sitting in the gold lounge happy as a pig in shit. I’m reading my book, a cup of strong coffee and selection of tasty chocolate treats next to me, and a call will soon emit from the loud speaker when it’s time for me to board. Easy as that. I checked in here at the airport then Aliff picked me up.
We went to a small restaurant cramped in between a sweaty carpark and a noisy motorway. We enjoyed a delicious local dish made of noodles, beef and egg. After which I was very full by this point and struggling to stay alert so allowed myself the privilege on slipping into a stupor on the way back to the airport. Now I’m here. Cosy and comfortable. I’ll be in KL soon.

To prove it happened
To prove it happened

I have arrived in Kuala Lumpur! I’ve taken the KLIA Ekspres from the airport to Sentral Station. I found myself getting infuriated by even the slightest noise, like the overweight man who kept hocking phlegm into his mouth and swallowing it. Anyway, having finally arrived, I’m currently in a 35 ringgit ticket premiere teksi ride, sitting in rush hour watching the meter rise. Darn, this was to be my beer money.

Turns out the taxi only cost 38 ringgit! Cheap as considering the time we spent in traffic. To better that, Dan bought the beers in the mezzanine bar anyway! Legend! Not to self: I must repay him somehow. I got to the hotel, checked in fast without any problems, then made my way to my room. On the 28th fucking floor. The hotel is 29 floors high, and I’m rocking floor 28. A smoking room, so it stinks of cancer-causing tar, but holy shit the view.
I dumped my gear, lamenting my phone’s newly depleted battery, and ran down to meet Anna, Johnny and Dan in the bar. We had a couple of drinks and caught up and I haven’t laughed so much for a long time. What a classic crew of people! So lucky to have them here and to be a part of the group. We swapped stories and Johnny sounds like he got a raw deal with his teams, poor guy, but dealt really well and they even have to films to show for it!

Checking in is sometimes the best bit. Lovely staff.
Checking in is sometimes the best bit. Lovely staff.

After beers we went for a walk to a gigantic mall and had a cheap dinner. 10pm came around fast, meaning the mall closed, so we came back and all agreed to call it a night. It’s been an exhausting few days but tomorrow is a free day with no strings. We’re meeting at 8am for breakfast together. Too excited to sleep. The hotel is incredible.

Saturday 6:52am
I’ve woken up instantly alert so I’ve stayed up. I have plenty of time so I’m txting Abby and looking out the window until breakfast time. This place is awesome.

View from my hotel room
View from my hotel room

I’m sitting at breakfast. I’ve eaten a big bowl of fruit and a coffee and am waiting on the others, regretting not bringing my book down. I don’t know if I’ll finish the current novel I’m ready as I’ve already read it. I’ll go shopping for one today, there’s gotta be a decent second hand book shop around right? Stay tuned. View from my room as the sun comes up is spectacular and I’m feeling very very honoured to be here. Johnny just arrived for breakfast yay!

Aw, a student put me on Instagram!
Aw, a student put me on Instagram!

What a day! We are doing KL. I started off with a magical breakfast of fruit and omelettes in the hotel and laughed and chatted with the team. Then we all got together in Johnny’s room and watched the 48hour films! They all exceeded our expectations and lots of laughs were had. Dan joined us and told us their judging decisions which were as we expected. My teams got best actress and that’s it. We all went for a walk in the stifling hot streets, grabbed lunch, then had a swim. We’re currently lying in the sun together and listening to music. I really wanna go get another book so I have another piece of literature to associate with the trip.

My battery is running low as we’re heading to Batu Caves in a large taxi. I’m sitting in the boot as I’m the youngest and smallest.

Woohoo, the Batu caves were a whole lot of fun and we caught up with Aidee’s teammates and had dinner. My hip is killing me and my battery is low so I will not bore you with the–

Aidee Walker, Batu Caves
Aidee Walker at Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur