Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 7/7


With the Auckland crew gone, me and Dan remained. It was time to hang up the Mentor tags and head home.

Travelling debris. Stubs of boardings passes and info packs.
Travelling debris. Stubs of boardings passes and info packs. Which do I need to keep?

Last day | 9:15am

I’m at breakfast reading and I never want to leave. It’s perfect. Better still, a pack of Greek families seem to have checked in bringing with them cute daughters with dark features and shapely bodies that aren’t hidden by long flowing sheets of dress. I’ve managed fruit and coffee but that’s all. I’m doubting my ability to eat proper solids yet. Don’t know where Dan is but the rest of the crew got on the plane safely. I don’t have long left in this country and I’ll miss it.


The whole day has gone by! Okay I’ll list it quickly. I’m currently on the KLIA Ekspres with Dan and we’re heading to the airport. Our time in KL is at its end. I ate breakfast and took a lot of time and read plenty of my fantastic book. Then I went to my room and packed. Then I sat by the pool, swam, read by the pool and drank a watermelon juice. At noon I checked out and the concierge tucked away my bags so I could explore the city for my remaining four hours before meeting Dan. He had work to do all morning – poor sap. But he enjoyed it!

I guess because of the crowds, a lot of Malaysians who reside in the city don't care about personal bubbles
I guess because of the crowds, a lot of Malaysians who reside in the city don’t care about personal bubbles

I walked around the mall for an hour, digging the chilly aircon, then bought a ticket for Mr. Peabody and Sherman. A movie! I spent some of my last day in KL in a cold darkened room with kids watching an animated film. And it was awesome. Before the film though I shelled out for a massive Mexican meal of chicken quesadillas and a coke light. So delicious. Read more of my book. A dream solo day really. After the film, feeling emotional due to a sweet family film in my hungover vulnerable state, I walked back to the hotel and sat in the lobby with Dan until a taxi picked us up and took us an interesting way through the city to avoid traffic and dropped us at Sentral station. On the day we’re leaving, I find I’m finally used to the money and ticket system.


MASSIVE lines at the airport security. Me and Dan are hungry. Have picked a line each to see who wins. It’s like betting on which pebble will spiral down the drain first. Zero control – zero stakes – zero reason why not.

Long airport lines


Got to the airport and waited in the long lines (I won the first and Dan won the second) and had some French sandwiches. Getting ready to board and standing in front of the most obnoxious Aussie couple and I felt my blood pressure spike immediately. I needed to breath deep. If they’re near me on the plane I’m gonna lose it.

Wednesday 7:17am AUS time/4:17am Malaysia time/10:17am NZ time

Arrived in Melbourne and swapped my SIM card back. We got lucky and weren’t near any annoying Aussies on the plane. Such a blessed relief as waiting in the lines before boarding was next level. Good gosh, some of them had no respect. Obnoxious bastards making jokes about the missing MH370 plane. Didn’t sleep much. Watched Silver Linings Playbook again.

coffee, Melbourne airport, Dan Slevin
Shouted by Dan (thanks mate), it was savoured as we watched plans taxi the tarmac


Having a coffee shouted by Dan in a lovely cafe overlooking Melbourne’s never ending flatness. Orange light is pouring in and I’d call it officially daytime. The wifi is shit. Dan popped me on his personal hotspot for a second so I could txt Abby and the crew. Realised I forgot my house key and nobody is home. Fantastic. But here’s the thing about having considerate and caring friends: these things tend to get worked out.

Wellington Airport
One more photo, then let’s go home.


Caleb put a key in the power box for me. Just landed in Wellington to a flurry of txts and emails and whatsapps. Missing the trip already.
It is finished.