New Team Members and a Locked Cut

New Team Members?

As we progress from the editing stage through to the REAL POST PRODUCTION world of colour, visual effects, sound, music, marketing and promo, we need more people. More power. More genius. Which leads us to these new team members:

Welcome to our new producers Kelly Kilgour and Steve Barr.

Welcome to our composer Conor Cameron.

Welcome to our sound engineer Phil Burton.

Welcome to our poster designer Jeroen ten Berge.

And guess what? Simeon Duncombe will be taking care of the visual effects (this is his major strength).

Locking the Cut

Next up is another milestone of the film. Locking the picture cut FOR REAL. Terrifying and exciting all at once, because it means we can’t really change anything now. The pacing and tone of the film is solidified. All the scenes are in place, all the cuts are locked in.

So yeah, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, and it’s just going to get busier. Steve and Kelly have started sending the current cut of the film out to some important people in high places, Simeon is finishing up a particularly demanding gig, Conor is sending through some music for me to listen to (the most exciting emails to receive ever), Phil has made the ADR scripts (of which there are many) and we have Michelle, who plays Sophia, lined up for the first recording session.