Rained Out but Powering On


It was our first day with Nova! Our first day with a character that isn’t Dan (me). We were all very excited. Me and Abby picked up Nova from Dean’s house and we met Simeon at the location.

It was a simple scene. One and a half pages of dialogue, walking and talking. Dan and Summer become friends and strike a mutually beneficial deal. Sweet. Easy.

As predicted, Nova was incredible. At twelve years old, she’s got a stack of experience and accolades to her name and needed barely any rehearsal time. We practiced the lines in the car for fun and she made me laugh.

We experimented with blocking and found the nicest frame to show off Wellington. We shot the wide. We lined up for the first 2 shot… splatters. Cold against your skin, dropping intermittently and darkening your hair.

Nova, HJW
HJW and Nova, the good sport

We took to the shade of a large tree for respite. We waited for the rain to pass but it worsened. Keeping my head high and putting on my best understanding voice, I made the decision to move the shoot onward. We’d count our day as a rehearsal day and surrender without any usable footage in the can.

Hiding my disappointment was difficult, and as soon as we dropped off Nova, I lost my shit. Poor Abby had to hear some vehement curses as we drove through the windy, wet Wellington city to Evans Bay where Caleb, our good friend, had lent us the weekend to use his apartment.

HJW, feature film, Dan, make-up
Dan looking worse for wear

Despite the rocky start, we filmed until 1am then got up at 6am for a dawn scene. In total, we knocked off twelve scenes, bringing out total to 36 out of 140. That’s a decent amount in the can. Also, Abby got to play with her make-up skills and make me look nice and messed up for a couple of scenes later in the film. Awesome!

The rain really made me think. I realise that the majority of my film is set outside and I’m at the mercy of Wellington weather, weather that is less than reliable at the best of times. I’m gonna have to come up with alternatives.