Introducing Simeon Duncombe | DOP

Simeon Duncombe, a.k.a. Semmo

Making a feature film with zero dollars is a stupid idea. It’s a wonderful idea too, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it, but mostly it’s foolishly ambitious. An indispensable crew member is the DoP, the Director of Photography, in charge of the look of the film.

I’m super lucky where I know this man, Simeon Duncombe. Simeon (pronounced Simon or Semmo) is an animation supervisor at WETA digital and has a ridiculously massive project coming up in 2015, but he doesn’t let his mega long days stop him creating independent content.

He owns an entire film studio’s worth of gear, more or less. A camera, some rigs, editing gear, he’s nailed it. We’ve made a couple of projects together already, namely Dick Off, and we get on very well. He’s a fantastic collaborator and is on board for this ridiculous project we’re doing.

Simeon is also an accomplished director. His visually stunning short film Trick Meter (follow the link) has been acclaimed, featured on Short of the Week and hitting hard with not just the skateboarding community, but the filmmaking community too.

Simeon Duncombe DOP

This is Simeon in Wellington cafe Loretta during a meeting with me about the look of the film, which we are currently referring to as Chronesthesia.