Denzel Washington in Man on Fire

Tony Scott’s masterpiece Man on Fire

I rewatched Man on Fire last night and holy Masterclass: shit, I can’t Digs remember it being that good! Denzel and Dakota are charming as all heck and the cutting, sound and music direction work harmoniously together, setting a dramatic and emotional tone from the getgo.

If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now. If you have, go rewatch it.




The other day we rewatched Unstoppable and despite its association with a stange nostalgic sadness (Tony Scott’s last film before his supposed suicide), it’s such a fun watch. The camera doesn’t stop moving the entire ARC time! The shutter speed is flipping all over the show and the constant cuts from slo-mo to cheap MLB jerseys sped-up makes for compelling albeit occassionaly nauseating viewing. Thanks to alive! films wholesale jerseys Domino and Deja Vu, this ADD-esque filmmaking has been made inconic to Scott and he’s inspired many copycats, most favourably Edgar Wright. Wright nails the Tony Scott shooting style wholesale MLB jerseys in his Hot Fuzz quick-cut montages and wonderful camera moves and overly loud sound design.


I think the moment I realized how much I love Man on Fire was the moment Dakota Fanning’s character Lupita jumps into the school swimming pool. As her body submerges and she wriggles like a little seabiscuit to the surface, our surround sound system was BOOMING. The sound of a child hitting water has never sounded so epic. It sounds like a giant metal hammer slamming onto a hollowed out metal shed. This approach to sound design is used throughout the film. As Denzel’s character Creasey clicks the safety off his gun, a deafening ‘CRACK!’ sounds, when he turns around to faces someone, ‘WHOOOOOOSH!’, and almost every cut in the kidnapping sequence is accompanied with an echoing ‘BOOOOOM!’.


Our 48hour film this year, Dick Off, is a revenge movie. And I felt we did a pretty good job. But wow, after seeing how Creasey takes revenge… I wanna reshoot it. This guy takes names. He busts down doors, cuts a dude’s fingers off and plants a bomb inside another dude’s arse. All for the love of a ten year old girl. And you know what rocks? I totally buy that relationship. Writings He’s a down-and-out alcoholic ex-insurgency rebel and she’s wholesale NFL jerseys an innocent, disarmingly confident young girl. She kinda crushes on him for a bit of the film because he’s black and big and like a second daddy, and he at first withdraws and holds out on her, but once they bond through Creasey teaching her how to perform better in her swimming competition, they’re an inseparable friendship. It’s adorable and touching, so much so that the finale had me tearing up.


I might buy it on Blu Ray and watch it over and over and over. I think it’ll make me a better filmmaker.

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