Waiheke Hayden Lana

Waiheke Island

  NZ’s third most populated island Wow! First time to Waiheke Island I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Despite David Farrier’s controversial opinions on Waiheke Island, I was excited to go. Having lived in Auckland for eight months, I’d heard countless times, “You haven’t been to Waiheke yet? Oh shit bro, you gotta go. Like you just gotta […]

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Hayden J. Weal politics NZ

Politics for the non-politically minded Kiwi

Don’t know about politics? You’re not alone I have plenty of intelligent, worldly, passionate friends who have no idea who to vote for in this year’s election. And that’s gravy. While voting is important, it’s remarkably difficult to wade through the rivers of information-crap in order to garner any scrap of useful political knowledge. This […]

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