Chronesthesia Love and Time Travel

Securing an International Sales Agent

We got an international sales agent!     How ridiculous is that? Chronesthesia is now being represented internationally by WPE, operating out of the United States of America, selling around the world. As many territories as possible, as much money as possible, getting seen as far and wide as possible.   Hold up – what’s […]

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Sing Street, Beautiful Ruins, My Dad Wrote a Porno

Winter 2016 Media Picks

  Winter can be a bastard   Rain getting all over your shoes and making your socks wet? Oh fuck that noise. Waking up and feeling the chill of the air as you walk to the bathroom. A nice hot shower is a temporary reprieve sure, then what happens when you turn the stream off […]

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Silhouette Hayden camera with Nova sunset

Delivery Deadline Looming!

Deadline: 5 weeks!     That is how long we have to finish the film. That’s not a lot of time. I was under the impression our premiere was our deadline, but of course that’s not the case! There’s mixing and DCP making and testing and ingesting and censorship boards and ratings to do…   […]

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The Slump writing in front of a confused man

The Inevitable Post Production Slump

  No posts for two months?     It’s a slump. Let’s call it what it is. A slump. A big, great dirty slump of life.   The good news: The film is cut.   The bad news: Work has temporarily ceased on it. Here’s why:   It happens to a lot of people after […]

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og_image Feature Film Test

Feature Film Test Shoot (VIDEO)

Get your friends and do a test shoot Alright, so much to learn! Me and Simeon nipped out after work around 3pm and got some shots of me (playing Dan, the lead character) running about through Wellington’s gorgeous Breaker Bay. Then Emma Draper (playing Sophia, the leading lady) joined us with our fantastic friend David […]

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Like What You Like

Do you ever feel embarrassed admitting you like Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande’s song Problem? Greeted with furrowed brows when confessing to rereading the Harry Potter series? Laughed at when coming clean about your love for anal?

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Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 4/7

In Post Three, we left the teams at noon with just under twenty four hours to go until the end of the 48hour competition. Things are heating up. Emotions are running high while hours of sleep are running low.   Wednesday | 4:32pm The edits are coming along fine but the editors have a severe lack […]

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Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 3/7

4:09am | We are still shooting. Oh yes. I am still here. Eighteen hours into the competition. We’re shooting in a tunnel with a light and everybody is in remarkably good spirits considering. It’s raining too.

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Kuching waterfront

Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 2/7

Malaysia Part 2 of 7: Meeting the Students Last time we caught up in Malaysia Part 1, it was mid-morning, I was crouching on a toilet in the Kuala Lumpur airport ready to board my Malaysia Air flight to the beautiful island of Kuching. I knew I’d be mentoring a handful of film students through their first […]

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Boyhood worth the 12 year wait

Alright, alright, alright.   Richard Linklater has directed two films in my top ten. The eternally entertaining (and career making) Dazed and Confused, and the beautiful romance trilogy Before Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight (it’s a series, but I’m gonna refer to it as a single entity for the sake of cleanliness).       Because of this, I’ve anticipated the […]

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