Steve Barr, Hayden J. Weal, Simeon Duncombe, Kelly Kilgour, Conor Cameron

Chronesthesia Premiere!

PREMIERE!   It’s been a long road and a lot of work. Chronesthesia played to a sold out cinema audience as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival on Friday 29th July 2016. The positive response and reviews we’ve been receiving have made every single minute of hard work on the film worth it. […]

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Esther Lees, Abby Damen in bar for tv show Wonderland

Directing Girls in Underwear

Wonderland Teaser     As I mentioned, I’ve been directing ladies in underwear. The last couple of days have included me watching a monitor, scrutinising performance, having to ignore said underwear.   While I’m balls deep in post production for my feature film (currently called Chronesthesia but that very may well change soon), I’ve taken […]

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Hayden J. Weal in front of computer editing

European Editing Suite

Post Production Abroad   With all the shooting in the can (well, excluding potential pick-ups), it’s time to start what I find the most daunting task of all: editing.   As you can see above, I have a Marty McFly figurine from Back to the Future. This was given to me by my Secret Santa […]

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Castlepoint feature image

Shooting on Location at Castlepoint

Castlepoint! Finally!       Something I was looking forward to throughout the whole shoot was us going to Castlepoint. It’s a fun sequence for the characters and I’ve been wanting to film something at Castlepoint for years now. It’s a gorgeous place and there’s something mystical about it. With a long flat beach extending […]

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Scheduling a Feature Film Part 2

As you may have seen on Scheduling a Feature Film, there are approximately 140 scenes in our movie. That’s a lot.   Now what? Now we print the scene breakdowns out, cut them up into little pieces, highlight the scenes with special cast members, and organise them into locations. I blu tacked them onto my bedroom wall […]

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First Day Shooting!

HOLY CRAP WE’RE SHOOTING ALREADY! It’s the fifth day of the year and why not start now? Me and Simeon met up yesterday for a big talk about scheduling and how we are going to manage the shoot. We thought we’d start with something small, something easy, and we decided we’d start on the shower […]

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HJW BTS Scheduling

Scheduling a Feature Film

Time to breakdown   So what happens when the script is in good enough shape to move forward? It’s at draft four and there are still many changes yet to make to improve it, but we’re at a comfortable stage where all the major building blocks are in place. The characters won’t change, the settings […]

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malaysia part 7 writing Hayden J. Weal

Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 7/7

  LAST DAY   With the Auckland crew gone, me and Dan remained. It was time to hang up the Mentor tags and head home.     Last day | 9:15am I’m at breakfast reading and I never want to leave. It’s perfect. Better still, a pack of Greek families seem to have checked in […]

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Malaysia HJW

Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 5/7

It’s time to do Kuala Lumpur!     With the 48hour film festival being completed, I leave Kuching and make my way to Kuala Lumpur to join the other NZers where we cease to ‘work’, instead spending our time traveling and enjoying Malaysia.   11:19am I have been notified, while I was enjoying a grande hazelnut […]

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Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 4/7

In Post Three, we left the teams at noon with just under twenty four hours to go until the end of the 48hour competition. Things are heating up. Emotions are running high while hours of sleep are running low.   Wednesday | 4:32pm The edits are coming along fine but the editors have a severe lack […]

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Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 3/7

4:09am | We are still shooting. Oh yes. I am still here. Eighteen hours into the competition. We’re shooting in a tunnel with a light and everybody is in remarkably good spirits considering. It’s raining too.

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Kuching waterfront

Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 2/7

Malaysia Part 2 of 7: Meeting the Students Last time we caught up in Malaysia Part 1, it was mid-morning, I was crouching on a toilet in the Kuala Lumpur airport ready to board my Malaysia Air flight to the beautiful island of Kuching. I knew I’d be mentoring a handful of film students through their first […]

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