Waiheke Hayden Lana

Waiheke Island

  NZ’s third most populated island Wow! First time to Waiheke Island I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Despite David Farrier’s controversial opinions on Waiheke Island, I was excited to go. Having lived in Auckland for eight months, I’d heard countless times, “You haven’t been to Waiheke yet? Oh shit bro, you gotta go. Like you just gotta […]

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Abby Damen Sustainable Diet

The Journey to a Sustainable Diet

My dream is to walk into the meat section of the supermarket and have nothing but free-range chicken and grass-fed beef available. Australia has just done that with one supermarket and I really think we can do it across the entire country here in Aotearoa.

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Hayden J. Weal tampons should be free

Tampons should be free

The price of having a bloody fanny “You okay?” I asked. My workmate’s frown had been fixed for much longer than usual. Brow knotted, she clipped back, “Fine.” A few minutes later, the lack of her standard perkiness had me worried. I waited until we had a degree of privacy. “Honestly, what’s up?” She looked back […]

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