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Shanghai International Film Festival – Chrono selected!

Chronesthesia got into Shanghai!   We first got the email in February, 2017. I was in the South Island on a voluntary tour of primary schools for a charity organisation called Duffy Books in Homes. “Congratulations!” it started. “Chronesthesia has been selected for the 20th Annual Shanghai International Film Festival.” In the body of the […]

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Waiheke Hayden Lana

Waiheke Island

  NZ’s third most populated island Wow! First time to Waiheke Island I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Despite David Farrier’s controversial opinions on Waiheke Island, I was excited to go. Having lived in Auckland for eight months, I’d heard countless times, “You haven’t been to Waiheke yet? Oh shit bro, you gotta go. Like you just gotta […]

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Tenerife writing Abby Damen pretty girl at the beach in sunset lighting

Our Time in Tenerife (VIDEOS)

Relaxing and Hot: Tenerife     This place is gorgeous. We got here almost five weeks ago and I could happily live here forever. A bottle of beer is 50c from a place down the road. Coffee is about one euro in most cafes. Add in the friendly people everywhere, a multitude of gorgeous beaches lining the […]

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Berlin writing in front of cathedral

Berlin – 27 photos

bikes, music, film, art, relaxing, food, politics   That’s what Berlin has. Truthfully, that’s what most cities around the world have, but Berlin seems to be dominated by these things especially, and it seems to be populated solely by people who care about them more than they do other things.   I am going to litter […]

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Dresden in a Flash

Dresden, Germany     Here some quick facts about Dresden for educational salve: It was heavily bombed during World War II. Over 90% of the damn place was scorched It’s got water flowing through the middle of the city, separating the Old Town and New Town It’s considered the cultural, political, educational and economical centre of […]

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Prague title Blonde Girl in front of Building

Six Days in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic   In anticipation of our trip to Europe, we’d heard a lot about the charms of Prague. The gothic architecture, the cheap food, cheap beer, friendly people, and many more pleasures to explore. So we booked a place on Airbnb for six nights and got pumped about it. It was a great […]

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Paris title Abby Damen in front of Church

Four Days in Paris

hayden and abby’s time in Paris   This year me and my partner Abby decided we’d escape the pesky Wellington winter and travel Europe. We couldn’t exactly ‘afford it’, but we could afford the tickets and once we had those locked in, forced ourselves to save everything we could.   Our first stop, Paris! The […]

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malaysia part 7 writing Hayden J. Weal

Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 7/7

  LAST DAY   With the Auckland crew gone, me and Dan remained. It was time to hang up the Mentor tags and head home.     Last day | 9:15am I’m at breakfast reading and I never want to leave. It’s perfect. Better still, a pack of Greek families seem to have checked in […]

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Johnny Barker Annie Duckworth in malaysia

Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 6/7

From here on out, it’s all fun and games. No more work, just drinking and relaxing and exploring Kuala Lumpur with the team. This is a travel blog.   Sunday 11:54am I just slept for a decent half hour on the air-conditioned-but-still-hot bus from Sri Tamplak to Meleka. We’re heading to the beach! Two hour […]

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Malaysia HJW

Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 5/7

It’s time to do Kuala Lumpur!     With the 48hour film festival being completed, I leave Kuching and make my way to Kuala Lumpur to join the other NZers where we cease to ‘work’, instead spending our time traveling and enjoying Malaysia.   11:19am I have been notified, while I was enjoying a grande hazelnut […]

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Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 4/7

In Post Three, we left the teams at noon with just under twenty four hours to go until the end of the 48hour competition. Things are heating up. Emotions are running high while hours of sleep are running low.   Wednesday | 4:32pm The edits are coming along fine but the editors have a severe lack […]

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Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 3/7

4:09am | We are still shooting. Oh yes. I am still here. Eighteen hours into the competition. We’re shooting in a tunnel with a light and everybody is in remarkably good spirits considering. It’s raining too.

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Kuching waterfront

Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 2/7

Malaysia Part 2 of 7: Meeting the Students Last time we caught up in Malaysia Part 1, it was mid-morning, I was crouching on a toilet in the Kuala Lumpur airport ready to board my Malaysia Air flight to the beautiful island of Kuching. I knew I’d be mentoring a handful of film students through their first […]

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Hayden J. Weal hotel

Malaysia and the Mentors – Part 1/7

Sitting on possibly the most uncomfortable toilet of my life doing one of the most anticipated and glorious poos of my life. It’s been almost 48 hours since my last delivery, possibly more so, and all this airport food and black coffee has combined to make quite a pleasing parcel.

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