LOCK IT UP text over passionate man at computer locking the cut of a feature film

Locking the Cut (VIDEO)


It’s official – we’re locking the cut


Terrifying. Exciting. All of those great emotions are flitting and bouncing around in my warm fizzing heart. I shot a video today (it was raining – perfect activity to do stuck inside) about the process of locking the cut.


Basically we’ve cut the film into eight equal portions as better to work on. Critiquing a twelve minute sequence as opposed to a ninety minute film allows us to be a lot more discerning and meditative. It’s how I originally cut the film, splitting into twelve page segments. That way, I had a guideline for each reel. Each reel should edit to roughly twelve minutes, and if any reel went way over that, I knew the pacing was off seeing as each page should roughly translate to a minute of screen time.


This is the stage we’re at now. Signing off on the cuts. The colour grade, sound and music can’t really start until we’ve all agreed that the cuts are in the right place.


Check out this video about our process!



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Tenerife writing Abby Damen pretty girl at the beach in sunset lighting

Our Time in Tenerife (VIDEOS)

Relaxing and Hot: Tenerife



This place is gorgeous. We got here almost five weeks ago and I could happily live here forever. A bottle of beer is 50c from a place down the road. Coffee is about one euro in most cafes. Add in the friendly people everywhere, a multitude of gorgeous beaches lining the coast and the beautiful lonesome scenery and you’ve got yourself a real holiday destination.


One of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is frequented by vacationing Brits. Pale, overweight, zooming around on their hired motorised scooters (those things should be reserved for the handicapped), they dominate the tourism scene in the South, and it’s for this reason I highly recommend staying in the North. We’re in a place called Santa Cruz and a lot of the locals don’t speak much English. This might sound like a roadblock, but everyone we’ve chatted to seems to be only too happy to stumble through half conversations.


Abby Damen Tenerife

Abby swimming in the picturesque beach of Las Teresitas


While we’ve been here, I’ve been getting into the hit craze of ‘vlogging’. Yes, I’m very late to this particular party, but I’m here now. It’s a fantastic way to keep people up on your travels, and I love making films. The act of shooting and editing pleases me. Check some out!



While we love the place we’re staying, Santa Cruz, hiring a car opened up the whole island to adventures.

Hayden Weal Santa Cruz

This is me standing by a fountain in Santa Cruz. Fun fact: They’re shooting the fifth Bourne film here right now!


Once we got that car, we used the google machine to find some sights worth seeing. First stop, a 5000 year old tree…



Puerto de la Cruz Abby Damen

Puerto de la Cruz on the opposite side of the island is a lot more touristy


We decided we needed to find some waves. Most beaches in the populated areas are calm beaches, inlets from the sea with no major swells. Lovely to laze in, no good for body surfing and splashing about. We asked around and heard that Benijo is a beautiful place, so we geared up and took a drive, bringing along a gorgeous German for the ride.



Sophie Abby Tanaga Benijo

Sophie and Abby relaxing on what we thought was Benijo beach


Being here for five weeks meant we could go exploring more than most tourists can. We took a trip down the South West part of the island in search of rock pools. The town of Garachico is well known for having bad luck due to a volcano eruption demolishing the town, then earthquakes flattening the place once it was rebuilt. As a result, there are lot of old crumbling ruins, and Tenerifians have managed to make it into an attraction. The best part of all though: Nature’s Wave Pools.



Ah, the good times we had. Nearing the end of our month in Tenerife, we decided we’d do a day where we simply got into the hire car and drove. Any direction for any distance, and we hoped we’d come across a beach. Being an island, this was a hope easily fulfilled.


I present you, our last video in Tenerife, Lucky Dip Day



And that concludes our trip to Tenerife. Next stop is a fourteen hour whirlwind trip of planes, trains and automobiles to Lecce, Italy.


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