2 Point 21 Films - independent filmmaking

The producers of 2 Point 21 Films at the first screening of Hot Rob. Martin Freeman and Sir Ian McKellen came out and showed their support.

Andy Campion and I made the independent filmmaking outfit 2 Point 21 Films as we were making our first short film together, Hot Rob.


The name is a twist on the amount of jiggawatts needed to power the time-traveling DeLorean in Back to the Future, my favourite film of all time. Andy and I share a love for the Back to the Future films so we decided that what’s more powerful that 1.21 jiggawats? 2.21 jiggawatts! 2 Point 21 was born.


Hot Rob was our first project, and now our web series The Time Ripple Chronicles of Jack and Chops has joined it in the worldwide ether of action comedy content.


We’ve found ourselves identified by others as action film makers or producers of ‘fun films’ thanks to Hot Rob and Jack and Chops, and that’s 100% gravytrain with us. We believe that fun films are no harder or expensive to make than dark drama films, and it’s our dream to see more fun content coming out of our beautiful, over-achieving Aotearoa.


Behold, the work of 2 Point 21 Films to date. Enjoy.