New Zealand’s biggest action comedy sci-fi web series


Action, comedy, sci-fi, romance. This hi-octane web series took four amateur producers three years to complete. Filmed in 15 consecutive days on a short break from The Hobbit, Andy and I worked tirelessly doing every post job ourselves, excluding the amazing visual effects by Caleb Carr. 505 visual effects shots, all done by one man.


We wrote it in a hurry, planned it around free locations, facilitated dozens of cast and props, pulled in friends to act for free and used gear available to us. In the end, the entire series cost Andy (Chief Junior), Caleb (Ghost Victim), Brown (Detective Chops) and I (Detective Jack Cannon) a modest $1000.


We’re very proud of Jack and Chops. They’re silly and loud, made for the generation of ADD kids who love action and silliness. It’s my dream that people will show it to each other as they have a few drinks, gearing up to go out. It’s my secret dream that kids will take down bad guys in the name of Jack and Chops.