Hayden J. Weal

I’m a filmmaker who has a keen interest in emotive and exciting films. FilmsĀ that get an audience excited and thinking. Films that elicit a desire for positive change.

I’ve been working in the New Zealand film industry for the better part of a decade now, behind the camera and in front, and I plan to go on creating stories for the screen for the remainderĀ of my life. Hopefully a long time.

Sir. Peter Jackson

Sir. Peter Jackson

NZ Filmmaker / About Dick Off

A joyfully ballsy tale of bloody revenge! Great use of camera, sharp editing and bold performances - make for compelling viewing! NZ cinema needs more comedy and gratuitous violence!

Eric Vespe (Quint)

Eric Vespe (Quint)

Film reviewer /

Hot Rob evokes the very same wicked sense of humor that marked Peter Jackson's early work. These crazy Kiwi bastards have concocted an epic comedy of errors about young love against the backdrop of a diabolical terrorist plot. Large on laughs and even larger on charm, Hot Rob delivers the goods.




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